Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ok so inspired by other peoples beautiful blogs it seemed only right to attempt to make one equally as inspirational and full of innovative ideas. So here goes it! Mine and Domini's new abode is now aptly named The Palace, but some other cheeky beggar already had, and according to el postman we are also 'Hall Floor Flat.' So hallfloorflat.blogspot it is kids.
The plan is to blogument the nifty little tings we do over time in order to make the palace feel more like home and less like a big space full of doors and high ceilings and fire places that dribble grit down onto the carpet! And hopefully if we bang our creative heads together enough, we can make the palace fit for two lovely princesses [thats me and dome by the way, princesses yeah x]

Apologies for the unexciting photography but heres where it all begins...


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